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JWF™ Winning Frequency Jasper Lava Bracelet

Designer Speaks

Flip the battle of confidence on your side with your raring to go attitude. Empty the garbage of depressive energies to invite the abundance of good luck, health and wisdom with our lava jasper stones powered true healing pair of bracelets.

The bracelet symbolises the tenet of goodness, courage and benevolence, one can imbibe from the planetary elements like earth and sun.

Benefits Of Jasper & Lava Stones
Red Jasper Stones known
  • To keep the immune system in check and healthy
  • To extrude Negative energies.
  • To stabilise the aura for a playful mood.
  • To eradicate the onslaught of frequent anxiety.
  • Lava Stone is known

  • To bring emotional strength, power and focus due to being originated from fire (Volcanic eruption).
  • To ground and stabilize the root chakra because of the stone’s strong connection with the earth.
  • To help alleviate the anger and bring courage.
  • To help the free flow of energy across the body.
  • Product information
  • Stones: Jasper & Lava.
  • Stone Size: 8mm.
  • Ideal for: Every human on the planet.
  • Thread: stretchable & Skin friendly.
  • Free replacementt assurance
  • Available on COD and secured payment option.
  • Re-energising & Re-fixing Policy