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JWF™ Elegant Sacred 🕉️ Sri Yantra Pendant


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>>Want To Wear This Holy Sri Yantra Pendant <<

⚛️ Sri-Yantra repels negativity and invite the abundance of prosperity and progress and Bring Focus and Positivity

A Yantra is a hypnotic design used in meditation. The "Sri Yantra" is one of the most auspicious and powerful meditation yantras; a source of attaining Worldly Desires & Fulfilling All Wishes. One meaning of "Sri Yantra" is "The Instrument for Wealth

⚛️ Wear This Beautiful Master Piece Pendant This Festive Season 

It brings about Material and Spiritual Wealth through hidden powers that fulfils all our wishes and helps change our life for the better. Using this Yantra helps one achieve Greater Affluence, Peace and Prosperity, Balanced Energy, as well as Harmony in Relationships. It helps in breaking obstacles in our life - both spiritually and materialistically Each circuit in Sri yantra is associated with one of the chakra present in our body. This chakra shows a cosmic connection with universe.

The Benefit of Sri Yantra

  • It helps attaining wisdom, fortune and wealth
  • It removes negativity and transform your environment to positivity
  • It connects our body cosmically with this supreme universe
  • It is Money Yantram and connects with Maa Lakshmi
  • It strengthens spiritual health and enkindle the flame of purity with in inside
Black Beauty Sri yantra pendant is an elegant pendant made up of quality metal and glass. We make sure that You would like it

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Disclaimer: This pendant should be treated as fashion jewellery and we never encourage any kind of result associated with it as it has nothing to do with good or bad fortune. We just carved the Sri yantra symbol in pendant. Please avoid water and sweat when wearing
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