JWF™ " Wisdom & Tranquility" Red Turquoise Hematite Bracelet

"Tranquility propounds wisdom and comes from action not from thinking"

That is what these super cool combination of turquoise and hematite bracelets emit the inspiration

Here  is chance to get yours eyes smitten with scintillating combination of beauty and elegance.These twin bracelets are handmade with two equally potent healers turquoise and hematite. They undeniably carry utmost important healing properties and helps you with never ceasing attitude to showcase your king style of sophistication and class.

  • The complete naturally handmade turquoise bracelets are the elite epitome of spiritual harmony and stable mind and its bonhomie with both male and female, who believe in fashion and spirituality together.

    We have laid our endeavour in giving these bracelets an aesthetic and spiritual feel. The 6mm hematite beads are looped nicely with red rope around to strike the appealing look and class, when you wear it.

    You can wear both together or gift one of them to your beloved or family ones

    The captivating zirconia ball and crowns endow these bracelets a super premium look. Wear this with your attire of your choice along and join the occasion of celebration and happiness with your friends or family

    The dual bracelets are emblem of protection and tranquility, where wisdom enshrines.

    This beautiful bracelet is powered by coruscating zirconia balls and crown, The crown reminds you of your king like judgement and who hails the truth and spirit of kindness.