JWF™ 100% Exclusive Turquoise Black Agate Buddha Bracelet For Meditation & Health.

Wear turquoise powered agate double wrap bracelet for focus, health, mood and, spiritual enrichment.


It is  the most legendary stone of communication and friendship that helps you to express your thoughts and communication explicitly and it aids peace and balance of mood.

Turquoise is known to provide protection to the people, who are wearing it. It also alleviates anger, depression, fear and anxiety

Black Agate stone 

Called the Good Luck stone, it enhances the ability to analyse, improves concentration and develops the sense of protection.

It spiritually heals body and fills the gust of positivity around. 

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The complete naturally handmade Buddha bracelet is the epitome of spiritual harmony and stable mind and it strikes its  bonhomie with both male and female, who believe in fashion and spirituality together.


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Product Information:

  • Stone: Turquoise, Black Agate
  • Bracelet Type: Double wrap
  • Gender: Ideal For both male and Female
  • Stone Size: 110MM and 8mm
  • Length: 17-19Cm per wrap
  • Band: Elastic
  • Delivery Time: 3-5 Days (INDIA)
  • Shipping and Delivery Fee: FREE 
  • Payment Gateway: 100% Secured and SSL enabled

*Replacement is accepted With In 24 Hrs Of Delivery, If 24 Hrs Gone By, Unfortunately, We will not tender any request for the replacement