"Heartening Tree Of Life" Rose Quartz Bracelet

✔ Harmony  ✔ Love ✔ Strength

Designer Note

This Tree of Life Rose Quartz bracelet symbolises your substance and strength, as the tree grows upward in the sky with its strong branches along, So do yours intelligence, love and wisdom. It is highly recommended to wear this to attract the loving gaze from your beloved and soulmate

The emblem of romance, love and trust The Rose Quartz stone is paired with the best soothing and calming " TREE OF LIFE" to embrace you the elegance, love, and calmness. 

Invokes Love, Calmness, and Trust 

You should wear this to awaken your aesthetic appeal and positive aura.

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Product Information

  • Beads: Rose Quartz With 8mm Size
  • Metal: Stainless Steel Tree Of Life
  • Adjustable threaded rope
  • Length: 17-19cm
  • Delivery Time: 3-6 Days *
  • Delivery Fee:  FREE
  • Cash On Delivery: Available
  • Secured payment: Credit card | Wallet | Net-banking
  • Replacement: Covered for damage if received.