JWF™ Getting Wisdom Tree Of Life Cat Eye Stone Bracelet

Designer speaks

Being intellect means that we know how to subside and diffuse the emotional trauma and devastating problem. The tree of life represents a life that is full of wisdom. The wisdom is internalised with great practice of using one's intelligence or intellect in right way so that it helps both seeker and giver for staying calm, benefited, and happy. With Our tree of life cat eye stone bracelet you can abound yourself with utter tranquility and fetch the fortune and glory.

The exquisite pair comes with 8mm cat eye stones used in the backdrop of tree of life. It is said by many modern day healers that wearing cat eye brings charms, luck and financial gain. So why not wear it specially if is meant to benefit.

  • 8mm Cat's Eye Stone for luck, health and wealth
  • 10mm Middle Tiger Eye Stone for strength of mind
  • 8mmx8mm Metal Tree of Life for imbibing wisdom