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JWF™-Seeking Bliss Tree of Life Buddha Tiger Eye Bracelet

Designer speaks

Seek the spiritual bliss and wisdom in the life in order to haul yourself up from the abyss of negativity and indolence. The spiritual correctness is the most needed in our life when we face the weirdness of circumstances  or things go against the grain.

The buddha driven tree of life bracelet is a symbolic presence in the journey to bliss and wisdom, it will guide you to be a force to be reckoned with when you step in to your personal or work life. It helps you to stay immune of negative energies

The woven bracelet is strung in 6mm tiger eye beads of high quality around the tree of life that invokes the presence of peace, wisdom, and intelligence.

Tiger eye stones are ideally worn for strong mid, balance, emotional healing and courageous outlook. It is often considered to be the best healer amongst other natural stones

We also offer you free replacement and free delivery for this bracelet. So you can buy with ease and wear it with peace. Even after replacement policy is over, the bracelet is covered under Re-energising and re-fixing policy