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JWF™ "Lift Your Tranquility" Aum Agate Hematite Pair Bracelet

The great virtue of mind is to facilitate the human to seek the path of wisdom and correctness on the unending path of discovery to inner bliss and tranquility.This often leads one to achieve the higher conscience in doing the rightful thing. Our Aum empowered hematite agate bracelet bestow upon the wearer the right and positive energy towards making correct decision and nudging away the clatter of negativity.

Therefore keep yourself occupied in chasing your dream with calm and abundance of energy. The peace symbolic aum enervates the blustery emotions and eases you past the emotional trauma

  • 8mm Agate for energy, confidence and stability
  • 6mm Hematite for strength, focus and health
  • 10mm Stainless Steel Aum helps decimate negativity