JWF™ " I am Rich By Heart " SriYantra Tiger Eye Healing Stone Bracelet

# Sriyantra Bracelet represents Peace, Health  & Positive Energy.

Authentic Tiger Eye Stones | Good For Male & Female

Sri-Yantra (The symbol of wealth & success) bestows the blessing upon the keeper, it is said to negate the influence of negative energy hounding our body and clears the path to good health, growth, and prosperity.

Tiger Eye "the most protective healing stone" is called the stone of mind and due to its metaphysical properties, it helps to heal the body, help focus the mind, dispel fear, alleviate depression and anxiety.

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🕉 Why Wear SriYantra Tiger Eye Bracelet?

This Bracelet is made from the sacred combination of the most powerful symbol of Wealth & Positive Energy  "SriYantra"  and The most Protective healing stone "Tiger Eye".

This bracelet made with tiger eye stone is unique, elegant and powered by Brass Plate Sri Yantra.  This bracelet represents the meditative mind and peace side of yours.

#100% Natural 10MM Stone Beads

Tiger Eye stone is considered a protective stone and brings relief from anxiety, fear, and stress. Due to its metaphysical properties, Lots of healing benefits are attributed to it

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Product Information

  • Sri yantra : Metal (Bras)
  • Beads: Tiger Eye Stone
  • Size Of Beads: 10MM
  • Size of Bracelet: 17-19CM

    *Replacement is accepted With In 24 Hrs Of Delivery, If 24 Hrs Gone By, Unfortunately, We will not tender any request for the replacement

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    Disclaimer:  Please be advised that this bracelet is not substitute to recover you from ailment, diseases or misfortune. We just highlighted the properties above. Please avoid the frequent exposure of metal with water or liquid as metal is polished with golden color, which may decolorize


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