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JWF™ Natural Healing Tiger Eye Rudraksha Powered Sri Yantra Bracelet For Good Health & Mind

*100% Replacement If Received Damage Product

If you love and believe in the power of Sriyantraand Rudrakhsa then this bracelet is for you.

Our Yoga and Meditation Lovers have been liking it and we created just for them, who believe in the power of positive energy and healing.

Protective Rudraksa bead is powering this bracelet to stymie the negative influence of bad energies.  Tiger "Eye Stone of mind ' stone emphatically highlights the beauty and elegance with its strong meta physical properties of healing.

Believers of Sriyantra consider that it invokes prosperity, health, joy and happiness in the life of the wearer.

Made with pure 10mm Rudrakhsa & Natural healer tiger eye beads and Brass Metal Sriyantra plate.