JWF™ Out Of Box Thinking Tiger Eye King Crown Bracelet

Making a way for others is generosity and following own path is tenacity. Have the both of them together to succeed in the life. Rampaging the hardships and difficulties makes us strong. Just do a karma to fructify our out of the box thinking in to reality with our king crown tiger eye bracelet.

Designer's Note

Behold your impressive styling with our 8mm tiger eye crown bracelet. The crown is reminder to you and let you think as a king of own kingdom. The wandering eyes will linger on this stupendous bracelet, when your demeanour completes the elegance you carry with it.

Wear this blend of style and benefits today

  • Making solid decision
  • Healing oneself with courage
  • Having interface with energy of faith and confidence
  • To be focussed and contemplative in one's action