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JWF™ Rev Up Your Effort Tiger Eye Stones Bracelet Of infinity

Designer speaks

Hurdle will thrown gauntlet at you and will dissuade you from being firm and staunch, but winner never bothers and never get deterred by all these. They are meant to trudge up the hill of difficulties with great ambition inside. Ambition makes your path and passion makes you reach there with small milestones of hurdles. 

Weather the storm with your ceaseless effort by wearing our 8mm red tiger eye stone bracelet. The beads are layered and woven by strong rope. This rope is your passion that does not let you loosen the grip on achieving your ambition. The infinite symbol reflects your abundance of energy to succeed in arriving your destination.

So go & get up and douse all those confusion. Just move to remove the shackle of inhibition. We are sure you will.