Exclusive "Pyramid of Success" Tiger Eye Agate Pair Bracelet

When you acknowledge the fact that your are happy for what ever you have, then this ecosystem start assembling itself in to making you more blissful and jubilant. The pyramid of success start building by your action, that is produce of strong mind.

Pyramid of success bracelet augment the belief in strong action and self assurance.

Designer Note

We bring to you a calming and eye soothing combination of two most powerful stones from mother earth to deck up your confidence and belief in going stronger and undeterred

The stones' combination helps bring strong decision making and a stable mind in any situation.

Tiger's Eye stone or crystal is associated with courage and self-confidence. It portrays the integrity and inculcates the strong conviction to defy any odds and challenges coming across.

Tiger Eye and Agate stones bring composure and calmness. Ideal For Both Men and Women.The most protective stone is said to make wearer stay grounded and high in self-esteem.

Agate stone is potent healer and stymies the onsets of passive and dull energies around. This stones help wearer move with unbounded energies 

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Product information:

  • Size:            17-19 Adjustable
  • Number of Bracelets: 2
  • Thread:        Elastic
  • Stone Size:  6MM Tiger Eye and 6mm 
  • Metal:          7mm Zirconia Pyramid (Copper)
  • Type:           Two Wrap

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