JWF-The Spirited Mind Tiger Eye Tibetan Bracelet

Designer Speaks

Come out of the doldrums of negative and depressive mindset. Let the fluttering thoughts be latched with solid and staunch mind. Our mind is quintessentially a fulcrum of our strong action. One can not proceed through words only until one gives impetus to one's will to move. Once we are capable to fructify our action, we achieve the state of eternal bliss and peace

The bliss is not associated with material world, the peace is not connected with no noise environment, Both exists together in the state of connecting oneself with this supreme universe. Our tiger eye bracelet inherits the tenet of happiness and peace. Tiger eye is known for strengthening the mind and helps one take corrective action with strong mind.

Wear this powerful and peace raking bracelet in your day to day life with 8mm natural tiger eye beads. The copper metal is embellished with black zirconia to manifest the beauty of bracelet. The copper metal exhibits your wisdom and strength of mind followed by stones of positivity, confidence and luck. The metal clasp oozes the beauty in its prime. So that once you wear it, people will tend to notice it

Moreover our free replacement policy is also giving your a peace and freedom from post purchase damage stress