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JWF™ "Follow Your Passion" Tibetan Tiger Eye obsidian Peace Bracelet

Obsidian stone strengthens the mind, minimises stress, motivates for stability and curbs negative thoughts

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A man is often called the victim of circumstances, where he wants to do something which he likes to do but becomes withdrawn to it due to intervening situations. Passion gives reason to enjoy the soul and body both if blended with profession that resonates with one’s passion.

This bracelet draws inspiration from the buddhist philosophy and it reminds to draw your passion up in the stream to keep yourself afloat to enjoy the flow of river like LIFE.

A person often lacks socialisation due to dull energies holding him to step forth to make friends or put forth one's point.

# Its not single, it is not double, its Triple Wrap Bracelet

One's credibility in today's mundane world is confidence, social networking and strong decision making.

That's why we have brought an obsidian bracelet, which has plenty of healing properties. That helps in mitigating the stress level, overcome the fear and enhance the confidence level.

Apart from healing properties, obsidian is known to provide you with the courage, self-confidence and determination. 

The unique and elegant with great sophistication obsidian bracelet is the new charm for the yoga, meditation and peace lover. This beaded bracelet signifies the advent of positivity and health benefit in the life of the wearer.

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Product Information:

  • Stones: Obsidian
  • Gender: Ideal For both male and Female
  • Bead Size: 8mm 
  • Middle Bead: 12x16mm 
  • Band: Elastic
  • Delivery Time: 3-5 Days (INDIA)
  • Shipping and Delivery Fee: FREE 
  • Payment Gateway: 100% Secured and SSL enabled

     Replacement is accepted With In 24 Days Of Delivery, If 24 Hrs Gone By, Unfortunately, We will not tender any request for the replacement.

    Disclaimer: This stone can not be an alternative to medicine and nor should be treated as cure to any ailment. We just highlighted the meta properties of the natural stones and we would never encourage to promote this just for the sake of selling the product. Please visit your doctor for any medical issue.

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