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JWF™ "On The Crest Of Wave" Aventurine Evil Eye Mala Bracelet

Designer speaks

Waves of turbulence will rise to the height of your patience, but they will withdraw from your stoned wall like attitude. The spark of your persona does not ebb away easily because you have enthused the calming environmental energy to stay with and protect you. The inherent and soul pleasing energy helps you walloping in the bliss of eternity. Let your intention affirms your action to roar past the hurdles without any ado. The canal of darkness is short and lamppost of your brilliance guide you to come valiant

Our 6mm evil eye aventurine bracelet cum mala flings abundance of self reliance to you when you sent forth lots of good things in your life with affirmation. We have used metal clasp in the backdrop, so that you can wear it as multilayered or wraps in form or bracelet or you can simply ooze yourself with spectacular mala

In addition to that, Aventurine nullifies the electromagnetic radiation and keeps you calm and emotionally strong.  It also unblocks the energy from heart chakra and makes your heart more relaxed. It is termed as best heart healer by healers.

  • 6mmm Aventurine Stones Bead
  • Type: Mala and Necklace
  • Metal clasp (Skin friendly adjustable)
  • Zirconia studded copper Evil eye for protection