JWF™ The Supreme Saviour 108 Shiva Sphatik (Clear Quartz) Obsidian Mala

Designer Speaks

Shiva is a truth, shiva is a reality and shiva is destiny for all karmic soul of the universe. The blessed soul always march towards the gate of destined salvation through its honest, full of humility and immersive behaviour. Shiva shows us the path of righteousness and ascetic life. He makes us realise that how can one follow abstinence from luxury and delectation without discarding the responsibilities.

Dear Shiva lovers

We here present you a 108 mala of sphatik and obsidian with eyes calming shiva carved pendant. The mala helps you declare your noble intent and decimate the despondence, angst and, obscurities. The sphatik keeps your crown chakra unblocked, invigorated and functional for the truth seeking wisdom and revelation of self correctness, while obsidian re-energises the root chakra for balance and stability.

Here you also get a bracelet with 108 shiva sphatik obsidian mala, so that you are imbued with confidence and brilliance.