JWF™ Natural Premium Sun & Agate Gemstones Pair Bracelet

Made with Powerful stones like Black Agate & Sun Gemstones

Wear this bracelet of your choice for keeping your mood and energy level abreast and high on confidence.

This bracelet comes in double-wrap with 6m fine christened sunstone beads, which are pure and naturally wreathed into a bracelet by our artisan.

The purpose of this bracelet is to remind and kickstart you every day to move with positivity and confidence by the glory of the radiant and energetic body.

Know The Stones 

Sun Stone

Made with natural healer Gemstones, called Sunstone, This inherits the properties of the sun.

Double wrap bracelet with buddha bead and Middle Howlite stone is an emblem of meditative mind and composed body

Sun gemstoneis glittery in nature. Sunstone injects radiance and vitality in the body and keeps 7 chakras present in body energized to enable the lasting the vitality and vigor

By the virtue of its properties, this stone brings the light in the dark corner of mind by stimulating the sacral chakra.

Black Agate

Agate Stone is a powerful natural protective and grounding stone used in this bracelet.

Agate is repellent of negative ions present in the body. This stone is a master healer and cleanses the aura of the body

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Product Information
  • Stones:Sun Stone, Black Agate
  • Bead size:6mm 
  • Style: urban Pair
  • Size:Adjustable with 18-19 CM 
  • Delivery: 3-6 Days
  • Payment: Net banking & Card  | COD Available