JWF™ Look Beyond Horizon Steel Blue Tiger Eye Premium Bracelet

The reckoning force behind the action is one's mind, that needs to be solidified with conviction and courage. Let loose the strings of indolence today and grab the rope of positivity to swing in to action with our awesome double wrap blue tiger eye bracelet.


Let your ardour and swagger be worth with gleaming 8mm tiger eye stones. You are cracking a whip on negative mindset and dejecting fear of failure with your powerful intention to push it down. You just need to manifest and see the things beyond horizon with shine in eyes and alacrity in your thinking.

The heart in middle shows your heart supported by your strengths in terms of tiger eye stones, each stone is your strength. Just name it and you have it.

So would you like to wear this bespoke styling in your hand to display the utter courage in your action today?

Our replacement policy is quite friendly and we cover the damaged product upon arrival, so no whim and fancy, just grab it to experience the vigour and let the negativity trundle past you.