JWF™ Stone Will Stainless Steel Buddha Tiger Eye Howlite Bracelet

Designer speaks

The blustery wave of ocean comes to ashore with destructive attitude but eventually tapers down after it reaches the shore seeing the calmness of the land . Same way our mind has plenty of questions and blustery emotions, but we need to tame them with calmness and utter tranquility. Reach out to the possibility of ocean with firm and strong conviction.

As success may be elusive initially but not permanently. Our calmness invoking stainless steel buddha harnesses this belief and helps you fulfil your mind with abundance of calmness.

The twin howlite stones beside stainless buddha foster the belief of self importance and courage. The crown behind howlite stone is enthroning you with king of strong intention and positivity. The tiger eye stones further the success and advent of luck as said by many modern day healers. Who believe that tiger eye facilitates the strength to mind for strong decision making.

Our free replacement policy and post purchase damage is grist to the mill. So you would not regret your decision of buying and wearing it.