JWF™ Invoking Peace Stainless Steel Buddha Aventurine Bracelet


Designer's Desk

The fulfilment does not comes just by achieving the delectation and enjoying delicacies in life. It comes when our soul feel satiated with its purpose. The purpose to live with loving mankind and giving the spiritual guidance to tread the path of melancholy and failure with calm and composed inner. The stainless steel buddha is fulcrum of spiritual strength and peace. The abutting 8mm aventurine beads represent the connectedness of your body with supreme universe, where one has to leave oneself in the hand of calmness.

Wear this amalgamation of peace and spirituality to abdicate the anxiety and noise both to feel a renewed person of happiness.

Aventurine is stone of health and it playa a very crucial role in improving the immune system by unleashing the energy from heart chakra. So that one can become more expressive and extrovert.

  • 8MM Aventurine Stones shields the heart and help pour in love
  • 10mm Stainless steel buddha with gold coating
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