JWF™ Guided by Calming Stainless Steel Buddha Tiger Eye Agate Bracelet

Designer's Note

Let the dust of confusion be settled with the rain of peace in the weather of self realisation. The buddha being the epitome of calmness and utter tranquility mows down the noise of clanking mind. Our etched buddha on all the four side of stainless steel square shape helps you be calm from all side. The anger, agony, anxiety and annoyance get their dues from the power of peace through buddha and they all get settled with ease.

The 8mm agate stone, which carries intrinsic quality of bringing balance and stability helps one stay in power of positivity. The guiding buddha is embellished both side with alloy crowns. The crown shows your kingly attitude to bulldoze the enemy like inner noise and malice around you. The 10mm blue tiger eye stones represent your wisdom to practice in any situation.

The clasping on the thread with adjustable chain at the backdrop strengthens and elongates the durability of bracelet.

At least you get the sigh of satisfaction in terms of free replacement warranty and free shipping.