JWF™ Mind Calming Stainless Buddha Aventurine Tiger Eye Bracelet

Wear for wisdom, serenity and well being

Ideate on internalising the path to peace through self wisdom and self reckoning. It is absolute truth of life when you practice being calm, it makes your ambience and people around you happy. Just let the energy from nature enter you deep down and cleanse you with our aventurine tiger eye bracelet. 

Aventurine and tiger eye stone are considered to be the stones of health and mind. These stones immensely benefit wearer with its healing properties and elevate the intelligence and perception level. These stones are capable enough to beat down the onset of emotional mess and battling thoughts.

Our designer was toyed with idea of giving such vibrant and healing combination to this bracelet, so that you feel the presence of a radiating energy

Our stainless steel buddha will enchant with its prominence and elegance.

  • 8mm Aventurine and Tiger Eye Beads
  • 12x10 MM Stainless steel buddha
  • Strong and Adjustable Chain clasp
  • Free Replacement and Shipping with Fast Delivery