Spiritual Truth Sodalite Pyrite Mala

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Take the shower in spiritual truth. That confers upon us the vastness of thoughts, limitless possibilities, rousing empowerment and infinite power to prove our prowess. Live with ecstasy of spiritually enhanced mind and body with our sodalite pyrite mala. The stones bolster our self belief, worth and mental endurance to stay immune from the onslaught of demeaning thoughts and energies. The mala is said to revive our inner strength and lost charm towards the greater dominance and goal.

Whether used for meditation, affirmations, or as a daily reminder of your spiritual path, this 8mm Sodalite and 7mm Pyrite stones mala offers numerous benefits:

  • Meditation: Enhance your meditation practice by focusing on the energies of Sodalite and Pyrite, aligning your chakras, and setting clear intentions.
  • Mindfulness: Wear the mala as a reminder to stay present and mindful throughout your day, benefiting from the stones' energies.
  • Manifestation: Use the mala to set and reinforce your goals and desires, drawing upon the unique properties of each stone to bring your manifestations to life.


The Sodalite and Pyrite mala is not only a mala, it is a powerful spiritual tool designed to support your journey towards self-discovery, clarity, and abundance. By combining these two potent stones, this mala helps you to stay grounded, protected, and in tune with your inner wisdom, paving the way for profound personal transformation.


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