JWF™ Being Unrivalled Snow Obsidian Hematite Premium Bracelet

Designer speaks

Expel the remorse of past failure as these failure consider you a push over until you do a rigorous and dreading hard work to convert in to success. One need to be in the frame of right mind, body and soul to push through the failures with ease. Our snow obsidian hematite helps you stay focussed and grounded with earth's energy. Just fling yourself in to action. Being unrivalled affirms your intention for karma and impending success.

The snow obsidian provide a fulcrum to your thinking and destroy the negativity puling down energies.

  • 8mm Snow Obsidian For helping balance, purify, and ground one's mind, body, and aura.
  • 6mm Hematite for stability, focus and strength.
  • 10x18mm Copper metal For highlighting you as driver on the seat.