JWF™ Remain Immersive in Lord Shiva 108 Rudrakhsa 7 Chakra Mala

Designer speaks

The ultimate truth of life is assimilation in to supreme divine shiva, that guides us to let go our agony, ennui and mundane significance. Shiva is a realisation about being without ego, shiva is actualisation about being in love, sacrifice, and patience in our life. Our 108 rudraksha empowered 7 chakra mala is sacred and divine epitome of love and patience. Make the ride of your life easy to relish soul refreshing journey by being immersive and surrendered to shiva.

Our mala is made with high quality 8mm beaded rudraksha, 7 chakra stones, and, the obsidian pendant with fine carving of god Shiva and goddess Parvati. The exclusive mala is free on shipping today with free replacement assurance if it arrives damaged to you. Just grab this auspicious mala and make beeline to be in divine sheltering