JWF™ "Bonhomie With Optimism" Rose Quartz Howlite Bracelet

From Designer's Desk

Optimism is not a hope, it is an intent and practice to keep ones action alive. Persevere  to get the over the thoughts of failing, as failed attempt is also your guide to success 

Cleave through the path of negative emotions and enervating energies with ease. Let the squeal of negativity does not disarm you when you have strong bonhomie with optimism. Our rose quartz howlite powered natural stones bracelets augment and support you to carry on with great energy.

Our 8mm rose quartz and howlite stones together decks up these exquisite delicacy with tranquility and tenderness. So that you can enjoy the wearing and drown in the vibes of utter bliss and harmony.