Boundless Love Rose Quartz Evil Eye Obsidian Necklace

Being enigmatic sometime is good, when it comes to drawing own boundary. But when the energy of environment calls out you then you have to make an effort in being boundless to step in to glory of tranquility and calm.

Rose quartz invites and imbues one with compassion and harmony due to being associated with heart chakra. It helps one reaches the higher realm of unconditional love and continuity in relationship.

Rose quartz with obsidian often carves the way out for heart alluring energy that revitalises to strike off emotional upsets. Wear our necklace to warm the cockles of your heart and feel the heartfelt love, bountiful harmony and boundless glory.

  • 4mm rose quartz for love, harmony and compassion
  • Obsidian stone pendant for grounding, stability and strength to ward off negativity