JWF™ Exclusive Stone Of Love Rose Quartz Double Fold Bracelet

Want to wear this natural rose quartz bracelet powered by the peace buddha and Great OM for abundance of Love, Trust and Health?

We are presenting to our dear customers the natural Rose Quartz double wrap bracelet. This bracelet comes with powerful Aum and meditative buddha.

Why Should One Wear this?

Rose Quartz is widely called the stone of Love and Heart universally and it helps restore harmony, allegiance, trust, and love in personal relationship.

It invokes sure assuredness, evokes true emotional feelings and displaces the negative vibes from the environment by opening the gateway of Love, peace, and inner feeling.

People often keep rose quartz crystal in their bed room to attract  love, romance and soothing energy.

The symbol of love, Rose quartz has strong metaphysical properties of healings, strengthen the circulatory system and brings down the blood pressure level.

Some Benefits Associated With Rose Quartz

Apart from its beautiful appearance,Rose Quartz is extremely famous for its healing properties.

  • It fosters empathy, forgiveness and reconciliatory approach
  • It alleviates anger and brightens the loving energy and injects romance in relationship
  • Rose Quartz is used to heal ailments of the thymus, heart, and lung.
  • It also help person to release stress and pent up grief and emotions

You should wear this for awakening your aesthetic appeal and positive aura. Owing to huge demand and ceaseless requests from our existing customers, we are awed by the inspiration to present this for them.

Buddharepresents meditative mind and peace, Aum is powerful vibration and sound of the universe and nature.

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Product Information

  • Beads: Rose Quartz and Buddha
  • Length: 35-38CM
  • Metal: Alloy Used for Buddha and Aum.
  • Delivery Time: 3-6 Days *
  • Delivery Fee:  FREE
  • Cash On Delivery: Available
  • Secured payment: Credit card | Wallet | Net-banking
  • Secured SSL enabled for Safe Transaction
  • Replacement: Covered for damage if received.