JWF™ Exquisite Rise & Glory Rudraksha Sphatik (Clear Quartz) Bracelet

Designer speaks

Rising sun reflects the truth and hope of never giving up attitude. It knowns that it is depended by entire universe and galaxies if it sets and does not rise. In the same vain your rise matters not only to you but people around you. it may affect you when you set in but it will affect deeper people around than you are.

Take a march and lead by an example with your outreached potential and glorious karmic stride with our indispensable rudrakhsa sphatik powered bracelet. It accompanies you when you rise with glory and adopt the wise decision making in your domain. It subtly rejuvenates and invigorates your mind to think with maximum capacity.

8mm Rudraksha and spahtik combination is most desired and recommended as both stones due to their master healing properties are capable enough to beat down the anxiety and agony. They help awaken the wisdom to take corrective action. Sphatik is associated with crown chakra often helps yields positive approach and soothing mind.