JWF™ "Be Right Decision Maker" Tiger Eye Buddha Mind Healing Bracelet


Do you feel weakened in taking a decision at a time when it is imperative? It is because of jitter and lack of confidence.

A strong mind is the strength of a person. This capability is ornamental to bring in joy and a sense of internal bliss.

Tiger's eye stone is a stone of strengthening the mind and guarding the flaccid approach in work and crucial situations when you need it.

The intrinsic quality of this virtuous crystal or stone is known to healers and tremendously used worldwide by people in their gemstones jewelry

🕉 Brings composure and calmness. Ideal For Both Men and Women

Metaphysically, Tiger's eye is attributed to various healing properties; here are the most popular ones.

  • Protects from negative energies
  • It enhances confidence and focus.
  • Strengthens decision making
  • Heals the body, mind and, Spirit
  • Subsides anxiety level and curbs the fear

When you wear a tiger's eye stone with jewellery and connects with it during yoga and meditation sessions, it manifests your optimism to fill you with stability and vibrating energies.

Tiger's eye also supports one's will to move forward, strengthens the intention, and internalizes the clarity of thoughts at any level of life.

🕉100% Natural & Authentic Tiger Eye Stones

Product Information

  • 100% Natural Tiger's eye stones
  • Handmade in India By Artisans
  • Color: Red-Green-Blue-Dark Blue-Gold
  • 36-38CM in Length
  • Gender Type: Unisex
  • COD Available | 100 % Replacement

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