"Be Crystal Clear In Your Goal" Calming Pure Quartz Crystal Buddhist Bracelet

"I am intentioned to achieve my goal and will remain with crystal clear thoughts to achieve them with amplified energy"

The power crystal quartz is "stone of intention" , This stones comes from the mineral kingdom and is the best gift from mother nature. 

This clear quartz is energy amplifier and often used to enhance, regulate and absorb the energy in order to improve stamina, physical strength and mental endurance. It benefits in manifesting, healing, protection, meditation and channeling.

Stay energetic, stay magnificent, and stay in intention

Due to its ability to balance, quartz is excellent for harmonising and stabilising one's environment and is helpful in romantic relationships.


Quartz crystals boost the ability to think beyond being hostage to constricted mindset. It is capable to bring the mind to conclusive state  from the midst of swerving emotions.

Quartz crystals are one of the most powerful healers when used with pure intent, consciousness and positive energy.

It is believed to solidify one's inspiration, creativity and thinking to take the person to the next level of inner happiness.

This bracelet in pair of two with 8mm clear quartz crystals comes with lasting and adjustable rope to manage and it goes well with every wrist. The bracelet reflects peace and serenity entwined with meditative buddha, that is epitome of positivity and composure.

Wear this beautiful crystal bracelet today to enhance and harmonise spiritual growth and be ready to be smitten with elegance, aura and intention.