JWF™ Style Milestone Premium Zirconia Hematite Bracelet

Designer Speaks

Define your statement of style with ease and oomph today with our hematite laced bracelet of glam and magnificence. Coruscating black zirconia studded on the rectangular copper metal is grist to the mill.

Steal the show with your style quotient and let the all eyes submissively proclaim your undisputed style. Our 6mm blue hematite stone of strength and stability with infatuating shine overshadows the depressive outlook and dullness. Wearing hematite is often supposed to help and aid the blood flow of the body. It has far reaching health benefits on the body. 

The metal clasp in the backdrop is show stealer with two folds around your wrist. The simply superb and appealing bracelet complements your looks. Wear this with your attire of your choice, But it will make sure to stand in glamour stead to win you the showering complements.

We offer free replacement policy and also giving post purchase damage benefit with this bracelet.