JWF™ Serene Elegance Premium Snow Obsidian Bracelet

snow obsidian stones bracelet is on the go with you by fighting against negativity and fear around. The obsidian bracelet is new flavour in town with tremendous healing benefits for the wearer as it brings balance, strength, and vigour

Designer's Note

The dawn of new thinking and new ideas are  getting a thrust with your buoyant approach towards life. Full fill all your dream without further ado and keep all those promises you made to yourself in the reckoning now. Our snow obsidian bracelet instills the propensity to move and move by debilitating the negative energies around. So no hiccup just push up to your dream

The snow obsidian provide a fulcrum to your thinking and destroy the negativity puling down energies.

  • 8mm Snow Obsidian For helping balance, purify, and ground one's mind, body, and aura.
  • 10x18mm Copper metal For highlighting you as driver on the seat.