JWF ™ High On Attitude Premium Natural Hematite Crown Bracelet


Designer speaks

What makes you a different soul is your pure attitude. Flag down all your negativity and let the bliss permeates your soul today. Your endeavour to rule the fort of possibility will take you ahead. Just find out your passion and ramp the world with altitude of high attitude. The 8mm crowned hematite is wreathed in a lasting and stretchable rope so that all wrist can fit it and wear it with pleasurable

Being natural and in connection with Mother earth, hematite helps person stay grounded and motivated with ions of positivity around.
  • Combination of Hematite and Agate Stones
  • Stones With Powerful Healing attributes
  • Premium Quality Stones used.
  • COD Available | FREE Replacement
  • Colors: Golden and Black
  • Crown Size:  8mm
  • Zirconia Ring:  6mm
  • Middle Stone: Agate
  • Size: 17-19 CM
  • Metal: Zirconia Copper

Note: Hematite is stone of mind, that enhances the memory and concentration and is drawn from the rocks and soil.  It is associated with one of the chakra of the body " Base Chakra. It is widely recommended and used by modern day healers