JWF™ Abandoned Worry Premium Amethyst Clear Quartz (Sphatik) Bracelet

Let the harmonious sound of positive vibes soothes and exhilarates your senses, As this is the moment of self appreciation and self knowing both. Wellness and wellbeing will both come chanting together for the glorious you when you invoke them with your intention and show your courage and wisdom on the face of worrying hardships. The moment of truth is moment of now. Therefore stay immersed and occupied with what you are doing. Good fortune befalls those who dare to think to move and move. Adopt the path of happiness and vigour with our amethyst and sphatik bracelet.

Designer speaks

The 8mm sphatik and amethyst stones are wreathed with premium zirconia inlaid copper metal to disengage all negativity and dull energy from you and around. So that you feel yourself empowered, elevated and exhilarated.

Amethyst is known to strengthen the health system and is associated with crown chakra, Amethyst also rejuvenates the space, place and person where it is kept or worn. Where as clear quartz soothes angst, placates anger and fills the vibes of serenity and is also associated with crown chakra. Therefore both stones are good for mind and creativity as unblocked mind has always edge when it comes to creative thinking and planning.