JWF™ Refreshed By Peace Tiger Eye Agate Buddha Rope Bracelet

Designer Speaks

Bedazzling your eyes with marvel of natural stones tiger eye and agate both, the pair is charismatic in style, aesthetic in appeal, and splendid in wearing. Both stones are powerful healer and capable of decimating any onset of dull energies. Tiger eye being stone of mind keeps the obfuscating thoughts at bay and restrain the entry of blustery noise.

Our 8mm tiger eye with successive 6mm agate stones are beautiful wreathed in strong rope with 10mm gold plated stainless steel buddha in middle. 

  • Tiger eye stones for decision making, strength, luck and courage
  • Agate stone for subsiding the dullness, removing negativity and provision of calmness
  • Buddha for enlightenment, peace and harmony in the life