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JWF™ Find inner-self Buddha Amethyst Tiger Eye Bracelet

Designer speaks

immolate  self devastating ego and angered mind in the pure fire of self knowing. Once you know yourself better, the world is under your feet. Its arduous journey to find all possible milestones for emergence of true self being. Let your senses work in tandem to purge of all wanton thoughts, malice and envy. Let the elixir of joy percolate your soul to enrich you with soulful purpose. Our amethyst tiger eye bracelet truly reflects wisdom, emancipation and bliss for the real you.

8mm Amethyst with 4m tiger eye stones wreathed in succession shows the circle of life where all small and big milestones rechristens your existence. Buddha powers your mind for utter calmness in the moment of self awakening. 

Wear this beautiful aesthetically designed bracelet to inculcate wisdom and truth. This is exclusively made for strengthening mind, calmness and giving optimism.

This bracelet is under free replacement warranty if arrived damaged