JWF™ "Stay Fear Free With Strong Mind "Obsidian Tiger Eye's Stone Health Bracelet

Wear Obsidian Tiger Eye bracelet for Good Health & Powerful Decision Making


We present to you such natural healing stone called Tiger’s Eye and Obsidian Stone for Health, Positivity, Mental Clarity and, Emotional strength

Obsidian Stone (The Stone of Truth) is a powerful natural stone born out of flowing lava from the volcano, it absorbs negative energies, cleanses the aura, and helps one attain the wisdom of making the right decision. Black obsidian is supposedly good for the digestive system too.

Tiger's Eye Stone is called the stone of the mind. It is associated with courage and focussed mind during tough decisions due to its energy drawn from the combination of mother earth and sun. Tiger eye stone is said to minimize fear, overcome depressive state, and re-energize the entire body and Mind.

Product Information

  • Obsidian (8mm) And Tiger's Eye Stone (10mm)
  • 100% Natural Hand Made By Artisan
  • COD Available | 100% Replacement
  • Unisex
  • Metal used: Premium Zirconia (Copper) 8mm