JWF™ "Believe In Action "Exclusive Powerful Health Hematite Obsidian Tiger Eye Bracelet


Detach Your Negativity and Applaud Yourself for what you are

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Are you not able to detach yourself from negative people? It is really harmful to stay around these people, as their negative aura overshadows your aura. As a result, emotional turbulence takes control of the mind and steer it towards the depressive state, melancholy, and fear.

Wear this bracelet for health and a calm mind. This bracelet comes empowered with natural metaphysical healing properties to shield you from negativity, health-related issues like the erratic digestive system.

Tiger's Eye, Hematite, and Obsidian combination helps in following 

  • Releases anxiety and curbs fear
  • Strengthens base chakra to aid you to stay grounded
  • Absorbs negative vibration around to uplift aura
  • Boosts immunity and digestive system
  • Emboldens social harmony

Obsidian Stone (The Stone of Truth) is a powerful natural stone born out of flowing lava from the volcano, it absorbs negative energies, cleanses the aura, and helps one attain the wisdom of making the right decision. Black obsidian is supposedly good for the digestive system too.

Tiger's Eye Stone is called the stone of the mind. It is associated with courage and focussed mind during tough decisions due to its energy drawn from the combination of mother earth and sun. Tiger eye stone is said to minimize fear, overcome depressive state, and re-energize the entire body and Mind.

Hematite stone is connected with the base chakra, This stone provides a cooling and calming effect to the body, One can feel it by holding it.

Due to magnetic properties, Hematite regulates the blood flow and therefore it helps bring equilibrium and unperturbed symmetry in the body and often regarded as the stone of guarding the concentration with 

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Product Information

Stones: Obsidian, Hematite, Tiger's Eye

Style: Double

Gender: Unisex

Length:18-19 cm (Single)

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Disclaimer: We never vouch for the definite health benefits from the stones as we just highlighted the properties based on knowledge drawn from healers and some famous blogs. Please be advised to meet your doctor for any health-related issue