108 Obsidian Sphatik (Quartz) Ganesha Pendant Mala & Bracelet

The Exquisite 108 Sphatik Obsidian Ganesha pendant is endowed with element of divinity and aesthetic elegance. It helps pour in positivity and calmness.

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Designer Note

When sheer passion of evolving the product to match up with expectation of our customers becomes our goal. This spahtik mala pendant is result of innovation from our designing team. We hope that you will like this.

Dear Ganesha Devotee, We avow your love and respect to omnipresent lord Ganesha, whose wisdom and mental calmness sets a precedence for human civilisation.Thats why we have made this auspicious pendant for our customers, who love and consider him path finder.

The adroitness and craftsmanship for such hand carving gives real pleasure of wearing it.

The pendant is natural obsidian with 108beads of Sphatik and Obsidian stones, These beads are strung alternately to evoke the real aesthetic feeling while wearing it.

This obsidian pendant mala is recommended to wear with white or light colour dress, so that you count upon every eyes, which adulates it.

Sphatik and Obsidian Stones

Obsidian is usually dark in appearance, though the color varies depending on the presence of impurities.

Benefits of Black Obsidian Stone

An excellent crystal for healing and spiritual work

It is called psychic protection stone and gets formed from molten lava

A power cleanser of Aura and and create a shields against negative energies from penetrating mind and body.

It controls the resentment and anger level. It is said to alleviate the fear and anxiety level

It absorbs all psychic attack from environment as a result it declutter the mind from depressive thoughts

It Connects and resonates with the base or root chakra to aid you to stay grounded


Sphatik is also called Quartz stones or white crystal, It is predominately worn for subsiding the anger. The Sphatik due to metaphysical properties helps storing, transmitting, applying and balancing the energy.

Sphatik can be worn regardless of zodiac sign and does not have any negative effect.

Cystals or Sphatik always have been used in home or worn in the form of pendant, mala, necklace or bracelet.  Many people also prefers to keep the sphatik made idols or home decor objects to invite the abundance of positivity and aura in their home and office

Product Information
  • Pendant Size: 46x46mm
  • Stone of Pendant: Obsidian
  • Size of Pendant: 40X40mm
  • Beaded Stones: 6mm Sphatikand Obsidian Pendant
  • Delivery Time: 3-5 Days (INDIA)
  • Shipping and Delivery Fee: FREE
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