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JWF ™ Eclectic Natural Jasper Girl Bracelet

Designer Note

Think of wearing this eye pleasing bracelet in your special moment of joy and celebration. 

The elegance showering natural jasper stones in parrot green and red colors are pristinely strung in a bracelet in strong adjustable thread. It will match with your style and aura. This bracelet is designed keeping your positivity and peace quotient in mind. Wear in right hand and try it stand-alone without any accessories along with it.

It will surely inundate all eyes pointed at your wrist and regale their eyes with its aura

Wear Jasper Stone For Keeping The Heart Chakra Aligned

Green Jasper Stone is used to balance one of the chakras of the body that is the Heart chakra.

Green Jasper is called money charm and emblem of luck and prosperity.

So we thought of making this combination in the bracelet form so that you can wear this with much enthusiasm.

#100% Natural Stones  Agate and Jasper Stones

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  • Product Information
  • Stones: Jasper Green
  • Size: 17-19 CM
  • Number of Bracelet: Si
  • Crown Metal: Alloy (Nickel Free)
  • Metal Bead: 8mm