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JWF ™ " Live Like King " Premium Hematite Health Bracelet


Every human in this celestial body has king side until it is explored self through wisdom and knowledge. Some time we are the king  of our own discretion and some time we are enthroned to be a king.

This bracelet reflects the wisdom and valour in you. The beautiful elegantly designed with natural hematite stone bracelet is sophisticated and stylish.

interlaced with virtues and quality, this Hematite king bracelet is handmade and product of india. Where satisfaction is vouched with conscience.

Hematite inherits tremendous healing potential and carries magnetic properties in order to balance the meridian and bring equilibrium with in the body.

There are numerous healing benefits associated with Hematite

  • It restores the blood supply and help in red cell formation
  • Dissolves Negativity and absorbs this.
  • It re-energises the kidney and regenerates the tissues.
  • Enhances will power and helps in emotional turbulences

We want you to look like king and feel the same way when you wear this exclusive hematite, which is natural stone. 

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    Product Information

    • Stones: Hematite
    • Color: Golden
    • Crown Size:  8mm
    • Zirconia Ring:  6mm
    • Middle Stone: 10mm Agate
    • Size: 17-19 CM
    • Number of Bracelets: Two
    • Crown Metal: Zirconia Copper