JWF™ Transforming Malachite Lava Buddha Pair Bracelet

Set Your intention today with Malachite lava bracelet. Wear this for Health, Balance and Strength. 

From Designer's Desk

Life is simply a process of transformation from one phase to another phase. We live in moments of these transformed phases to feel happenings of joy and sorrow. Lets dig inside ourselves to set free from the bondage of emotional insecurities.

We present to you a pair of bracelets empowered with 8mm powerful healing stones called malachite and lava.

Highly protective, Malachite absorbs pollution, purifies, and shields against radioactivity and reactivates all chakras for better living. Malachite is also called the stone of transformation.

Lava is grounding stones and its icing on the cake with malachite to bolster the earth energy. It is said to empower the strength to body.

The pair of bracelet is decked up with symbolic buddha for peace and tranquility in your life and to ease cacophony of confusing thoughts