JWF™ Love Magnet Premium Rose Quartz Pair Bracelet

Designer Speaks

Love breathes life in to us, love signifies our existence. life gets reborn with bridge of understanding and prudence in relationship.

Trust your inner feeling and manifest it to who you love. It will come back to you undisguised and pure. The embellished crown signifies the king of your heart, who remains with you every-time and every step. The rose quartz does let you find the solace and harmony in your relationship. The 8mm roped bracelet is love garden and it blossoms the flower of feeling and affection.

6mm hematite bracelet with 10mm copper ball studded with zirconia symbiotically plays a role of bringing balance and strength. This pair of bracelet is unisex and only require a sole of intention to wear it to feel the charismatic blessing of these two powerful hematite and rose quartz bracelet.