JWF™ Natural Lava Aum Buddha Peace Bracelet

Lava stone is grounding stone and in essence, it strengthens the connection with mother earth and improves overall physical energy of the body. Wearing lava stones is said to persuade wearer to stay courageous and fearless in the time of persistent worries and emotional upheavals. It is considered to liberate people from embitterment and unaccountable mood swings.

Designer speaks

Our buddha and aum powered pair of bracelet is an effort to bring the healing virtues of lava to the fore to the people, who want to wear it and bounce back with strong willed attitude. As we believe that life gives us the vaccination of knowledge and wisdom from its jagged phases of turmoil, losses and success'. It unfurls the joy when we receive it with wisdom.

8mm Buddha Aum Lava bracelet is incarnate of divinity. So wear it with intention of bringing balance, concentration and strength to your physical and emotional realm of life. Stay karmic and leave the failure or consequences behind. Just stay in reckoning of owning a bliss from life.