JWF™ The Power Of Self Worth Lapis Lazuli Tiger Eye Crown Bracelet


Realised the self worth? If not, then it is never late than acknowledging it later. You are born with a cause to be justified. Winner never blow the trumpet but they capitalise on their inner strength and intelligence first.  Our lapis lazuli tiger eye bracelet formidably makes it easy for you to realise the self worth sooner and negates the yelling dull energies. What you need is a calm and strong mental support to bluster through the gravelled road of uncertainties and confusions

Our lapis lazuli tiger eye cuts off negativity and pours in wisdom with spiritual strength. Therefore you elevate to the occasion of undertaking any daunting task with ease

  • Lapis Lazuli eases stress, provides protection, boost immune system
  • Tiger Eye strengthens the decision Making
  • 8mm Size of tiger eye and Lapis Lazuli
  • 12mm Middle Bead with 10mm Alloy Crown