"Protection In Divine Shelter" Hand Carved Lakshmi Sriyantra Red Tiger Stone Mala

"Believe in Your good deeds and things will fall in place"


  The 108 Sri-Yantra Pendant Mala bestows the blessing and wisdom in correct decision making upon its keeper

🕉  Sri Yantra propounds Good Luck, Injects Positive Energy and Brings Riches

Sri Yantra is definitely an answer to all problems and negativity around us in our life. Any person wearing or using Sri Yantra achieves much greater affluence, peace, harmony in life.

Designer's Note

Give a strong rebuttal to tormenting and sluggish "take it easy attitude". Just wake up swiftly to let's do attitude.  The mind and body together racks up the best available source of making it possible for you. Bring a thrill and zeal in your life with strong intention to succeed in your periphery of work.

Our carved red tiger eye Lakshmi Sriyantra is energy puller and well being bestower. It blesses you with divine pouring of right conscience in your action and work.

Our artisans almost take 5-6 Hrs in carving it by hand to bring a beautiful and blissful sriyantra in tiger eye stone. The art is still alive through them and we support their livelihood by reaching the product to  you.

Though this is hand made and there can be some scratches and little leftover of carving paint. So no worry as it is hand made and it will give you more elegance and aesthetic look when you wear it.

  • 40x40 Carved Sriyantra, Bestower of positive energy and riches
  • 8mm Tiger eye beads for luck, success and strong mind
  • Strong thread with adjustable length
  • A unisex Pendant Mala

      Disclaimer: This is fashion jewellery. We never intend to make any false statement here and benefit associated after wearing this pendant.