JWF™ Divine 108 Rudraksha Sri Lakshmi Yantra Pendant Mala For Wealth & Fortune


 #100% Pure and Natural Sacred 108 Sri Yantra Pendant Rudraksha Bead Mala.

🕉 Do You Know That Sri Yantra propounds Good Luck, Injects Positive Energy and Brings Riches?

Sri Yantra is definitely an answer to all problems and negativity around us in our life. Any person wearing or using Sri Yantra achieves much greater affluence, peace, harmony in life

This is natural and handmade from Orgone stone and Rudraksha beads. This is first time, we have exlcusively launched for our customers in india on demand.

The Rudraksha powered Sri Yantra pendant Mala galvanises the wearer with correct decision making, balanced mind and help attain the true wisdom in taking the right steps towards progress and success.

It stifles the negativity and helps cure the diseases, offsets anger, alleviates the peevish mood. Rudraksha is known to heal the body internally.

The benefits of this mala is galore due to its constituents.

Sriyantra is known for bestowing the blessing upon the keeper. It attracts wealth, invites an abundance of success and oodles of positive energy.

1- Rudraksha Bead:

The Eye of Rudra is used by Yogis of Himalaya to maintain their health and tranquillity of mind. Rudraksha beads help gain the self-confidence and embodiment of fearlessness from the physical attack and evil hindrances. The various esteemed research institute has conducted research on Rudraksha that it can cure and heals the body is true.

2- Orgone Energy Stone

This exclusive Pendant is made from Natural stone called "Orgonite". The powerful orgonite stone has umpteen benefit on the wearer.

Orgonite balances and harmonises the bioenergy and cleanses the negative energy from the external body.

Awaken your aestheticism today by wearing this divine mala 

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      Disclaimer: This is fashion jewellery. We never intend to make any false statement here and benefit associated after wearing this pendant.