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JWF-"Achieve Big Goal" Lava Turquoise Pair Yoga Bracelet

Discover yourself with the renewed confidence and enhanced energy with our lava turquoise bracelet. Every step we take in our domain is crucial when we have to achieve some bigger goal. Inspire yourself to take such steps when you have elevated energy and state of confidence.

Designer Note

Our bracelets are energised and help control the befuddling thoughts and pendulous mind. The pair of bracelets is embellished with premium and authentic lava and turquoise stones with strong rope to support.

This pair inherits the philosophy of staying happy and push you glide past the barrier of inactions and dull energy state.

Turquoise is known as the stone of protection and power, where as Lava is virtuously powerful healer when it comes to strengthen memory and concentration.

Evolved energy state of body is due to balanced chakras present in our body. This pair works on bringing all  7 chakras in alignment to make the mind body and soul in tandem.

It is ideal to wear this in right hand and if you do yoga, then it is the best to support your energy to channelise to correct all chakras.

The beautify aesthetic combination  will sooth your senses. We have made sure that when you wear this with your dress, you get the complement for your look and style.

Product Detail

  • Stones: Turquoise and Lava
  • Style: Pair
  • Middle Stone Size 12mm
  • Lava Bead Size: 8mm
  • Size of Bracelet: 17-19cm and customisable based on your wrist
  • Ideal for Both Gender
  • Good For Confidence, Energy and Memory